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Bobby Sirkegian’s “Baby Mine”

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Published on Apr 24, 2012

As shown in the October 1954 episode of “You Asked For It” with host Art Baker, the Triumph dubbed “Baby Mine” was ridden by the youngest AMA Grand National Champion, Bobby Sirkegian, who had accomplished this feat at age 13 on two different size bikes, both full-size: 500cc and 650cc gas Triumphs. He was also the youngest to run at Bonneville, also age 13 and by the time of this segment after just turning 14 years old, he held several speed records Nation-wide in addition to many other incredible achievements. His racing career was followed by a long career as a teacher of both motorcycle repair and he currently still teaches automotive repair and technology. A rare, living legend, restoring his own, record-setting motorcycles. Not reproductions, these are one of a kind!

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